Enhanced digital experiences for restaurants

DineEngine® delivers frictionless digital experiences, custom web UX, mobile and kiosk app development for restaurant brands, chains and franchisors.

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Trusted by these fine restaurant brands:

Port of Subs
Freebird's World Burritos
Modern Market
The Olive Orchard
Little Lois Cafe
Leo's Pizza
Mia Za's
Be Leaf

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Get ahead of the crave.

Move your restaurant brand ahead with technology solutions from DineEngine®. Our cutting-edge customer experiences will provide best-in-class on-line ordering, delivery, and loyalty. Find out how you can improve efficiencies and increase revenue while giving your customers what they crave.

Customer Experience

Take your boring, out-of-the-box user experience and take it up a level.

API Integrations

On-line Ordering, Delivery, Loyalty & Rewards, POS APIs to bring less friction and happier customers.

Server Management

Cloud server management for external facing apps and projects.

Technology Services

Stay competitive, add a technology partner that innovates while providing in-house digital services.


Add merchandise sales, payment processing and shopping carts to your existing platform.

Business Intelligence

Measure, track and report on customer experiences in-store and on-line.

Mobile Apps

We build custom mobile applications for customers, franchisees and employees.

Self-Service Kiosks

Highly custom interactive digital experiences in-store and off-site.

Web Apps

Progressive web apps for maximum recyclability across any screensize.

Integrate your favorite vendor partners.

DineEngine can integrate third-party APIs into beautiful, front-end customer experiences for any digital display. To make all of this happen, DineEngine partners with restaurant brands and their vendors to provide multi-channel mobile, web and kiosk applications.

Focused on seamless brand experiences that give customers what they want.

From self-service kiosks to mobile apps that give users easy access to your menu, DineEngine® can take you to the next level with improved customer experiences.

DineEngine® fully integrates your point of sale, online ordering, rewards & loyalty, and any other customer touchpoint seamlessly across all channels with our unique and innovative integration platform.

Bigger orders. Faster checkouts. Happier customers.Give your customers what they want.

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