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Mobile App Development for Restaurants
DineEngine's® customer-facing, mobile apps focus on great digital experience and smooth interaction. We fully incorporate your vision using structured engineering - from initial concept through mobile UX design and development. Our mobile apps are built to be functional, user-friendly, and appealing across all platforms. DineEngine provides best-in-class mobile app development for restaurant brands that needs something more than just white-label.


Mobile UX Components

Mobile App Strategy for Restaurants
According to your business rules, we develop a cohesive technology plan and create your mobile experience roadmap using an iterative, data-driven approach.

Mobile App Design for Restaurants
With a key focus on usability, we design a simple and concise mobile app experience seamlessly recyclable from desktop to any digital display or device.

Mobile App Prototyping for Restaurants
We build a mobile app prototype using functionality and feature-set priorities culled from your brand requirements and direct customer feedback.

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Design & Development Services

user backed designs

DineEngine believes users decide the best outcomes.  We start with user inspired prototypes that win every time.

analytical driven

Measuring data and creating feedback loops create the best experiences. This is where DineEngine excels.

custom flows

Building user-backed interfaces for faster checkouts and bigger carts create better customer experiences.

Mobile-First Quality & Mobile App Development

Whether it be iOS, Android, hybrid, or cross-platform, we can build one app code base capable of running on multiple operating systems and devices, delivering a stable, fully-native mobile app experience.

Custom user experience makes all the difference. Whether it be a kiosk, mobile, wearable or web app, it’s all about developing a convenient journey to checkout.  A mobile app with a great interface and intuitive menu flow leads to bigger orders and greater profit.

We develop responsive mobile apps for restaurants, functioning omni-channel across all digital devices for maximum usability and profitability.


Mobile App Development Delivering Great Digital Customer Experiences

Your restaurant gets one shot to make a good impression. DineEngine® designs & develops intuitive, experience-driven mobile apps that are easy to use and enjoyable to interact with – resulting in more engagement, long-term brand loyalty, and increased ROI.

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