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Kiosk App UX for Restaurants
DineEngine® designs kiosk user experience that gets customers through the ordering process to loyalty, payment and checkout effortlessly. We develop custom integrated omni-channel app experiences for touch screen kiosks in-store and off-site that streamline operations while enhancing your restaurant brand ROI.


Integrated Self-Service Kiosk UX Design

Our omni-channel UX design works on any digital device screen size for maximum checkout to create bigger orders with larger upsells.

We design and develop custom kiosk apps that efficiently connect designated systems to take orders, provide checkout, or offer any other type of functionality required. We structure the right feature-sets to provide a user experience that works for customers.

DineEngine® builds cross-platform kiosk app experiences using cloud or mobile-based custom development. We integrate your favorite third-party payment processor or leverage pre-paid orders to your online system.

PCI Compliant
We build secure, trustworthy PCI-compliant kiosk solutions for any platform to protect operational and user credit card data.

ADA Compliant
We offer ADA-compliant kiosk UX designs that work for everyone, especially your guests with disabilities.

Increased Revenue
Custom UX increases ROI by improving user experience, boosting brand loyalty, and increasing customer base.

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Design & Development Services

user backed designs

DineEngine believes users decide the best outcomes.  We start with user inspired prototypes that win every time.

analytical driven

Measuring data and creating feedback loops create the best experiences. This is where DineEngine excels.

custom flows

Building user-backed interfaces for faster checkouts and bigger carts create better customer experiences.

Custom User Experiences, Far Beyond White Label

Our custom self-service kiosk apps not only provide better user experience, they leverage innovative artificial intelligence technologies such as voice, facial, and mood recognition, employ sophisticated upsell and cross-sell algorithms, and access the IoT to create centrally-managed experiential business intelligence and data collection systems.


Streamline Operations & Boost ROI with Custom Interactive Kiosk UX Design & Development

With bespoke kiosk design & development, we provide the ability to differentiate your brand, personalize user experience, cater to different wants & needs, increase order accuracy, add payment convenience, and provide faster service.

We make it easy for customers to interact with you through our multi-channel kiosk applications, offering a seamless digital experience that improves satisfaction while raising your restaurants revenue.

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