Custom Mobile Tableside Ordering for Restaurant Brands

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    Mobile tableside ordering apps white paper

    About This White Paper

    Mobile tableside ordering for restaurant brands is trending in the industry.

    With a smart phone, guests have a pocket-sized kiosk that is location-specific. A custom mobile experience allows guests to safely enjoy dine-in by emphasizing and supporting the in-store experience.

    Using an iPhone or Android device, customers can open your brand’s ordering experience using QR or barcodes, peruse the menu, order, pay and checkout.

    This is without having to physically hold menus, interact with servers, touch pens & receipts, or pass credit cards back and forth.


    This is why Mobile Tableside Ordering is so Important


    Guests can use the mobile tableside ordering app in-store to order, check & redeem loyalty points, pay, purchase gift cards, reorder in-store, get to-go, curbside pickup, etc.

    All from the comfort and safety of their table with the ease and security of their smartphone.

    For restaurant brands, a mobile tableside ordering app increases efficiency and reduces friction. This allows staff to focus on preparing food and maintaining a clean environment. This further promotes the safety of socially distanced interactions.

    A tableside app works exactly like a “normal” ordering app. Restaurant brands are able to integrate all third-party providers such as their ordering, loyalty, delivery, payment, gift cards, coupons, etc.

    Orders come in from their provider to the POS paid for. A printer or kitchen display system details the food for preparation.

    Tableside ordering apps scan a locational QR Code. Guests are assigned a table number or location area in-store.

    The completed order is brought out to them. There is no mess, no bother, and more importantly, enhanced individual health protection.

    A mobile tableside ordering app is a real app. It seamlessly integrates ordering, payment, and loyalty into a singular digital entity that has all the bells and whistles, in-store.

    DineEngine specializes in custom ordering technologies. Guests simply scan a QR Code at their table to access the tableside app.

    If they do not have the app, they can download it.