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Custom Ordering Technology for Restaurants
Today's e-commerce is driven by digital ordering. If your restaurant doesn't provide a superior ordering experience, you're in trouble. Even if your business delivers a great journey for customers, inevitably there will be a need for custom development to provide elevated functionality and features so products can be prepared and purchased easily. DineEngine can help your restaurant gain efficiencies by creating ordering technologies that can help staff create orders in store, add more capacity to orders, and reduce operational overhead.


Why Your Restaurant Needs Custom Ordering

White label ordering “solutions” come in all shapes & sizes. The problem is that they also come with circumscribed functionality and feature sets. This can be a huge pain for your brand and customers, because it is rarely a good experience. That’s why custom digital ordering development is so important. Your application has to work to support restaurant operations, enfranchise employees, and delight users. All serious brands know that a bespoke ordering experience is imperative to setting themselves apart from competitors to carve out a unique niche in their industry. This capability separates the haves from the have-nots, and the laggards from the innovators.


Our Back-Office Services


Retain and acquire staff with employee-facing apps that bring your culture front and center.


Custom workflows and efficiency apps that cut down on overhead and provide margin improving feature sets.


Give your franchisee features that improve communication, sharing and custom tools that win.

What are Examples of Custom Ordering Enhancements?

The sky is the limit when developing custom back-end digital ordering enhancements. Because each restaurants is different, requirements vary, but the objective should be to build an experience capable of providing users the very best functionality and flows to promote easy purchase and painless checkout. From the staff perspective, your application’s features should encourage productive internal workflow leading to better customer service.

So, what are a few examples?

For a woodfired pizza chain, we built a custom capacity management feature with order throttling and ready times to provide streamlined order preparation and production. In addition, we created a “kitchen heat map” that shows cashiers the next availability for orders to be placed on kiosk. We also built a “live fire expo” that captures the online order for the cashier to fire it off to the kitchen themselves, or start a timer to automate the order being fired. To further increase efficiency, we developed data uploading administrative interfaces for stores to upload csv files of store business intelligence (this is specific to capacity) that then updates their systems, so the brand can adjust operational needs and processes in real-time.

Nothing is out of reach. We develop custom e-commerce digital ordering applications for web, mobile, kiosk and tableside that fully incorporate restaurants specific requirements while seamlessly integrating third-party vendors to produce a digital experience your customers and employees will love.


Ordering Technology that Scales with Your Success

Custom ordering technology for both users and employees puts your brand on its own playing field, generating operational efficiencies that expand profit margins. This importance cannot be emphasized enough. If you are still using an out-of-the-box option that is restrictive and cannot be modified, then it is time to rip off the band-aid. Bespoke ordering applications allow you to bring to life a digital vision that is truly unique to your brand. But that’s not all. Included is the inherent ability to scale, to build on top of whatever foundation is laid to improve infrastructure when you need it, how you need it, to reach your goals of productivity and workflow success.

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