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Content & Digital Asset Management for Restaurants
CMS & DAM is crucial to easily govern your website, and imperative to fully define your restaurant via your digital customer experiences. Content & digital asset management is a powerful tool to wield, delivering real control over all the many interchangeable elements which contribute to your online presence. Using custom data connectors, your CRM can also source and communicate with other third-parties to perform tasks, gather data, and improve operational efficiencies.
Content & Digital Asset Management for Restaurants
Streamline the Digital Asset Management Process

The primary function of CMS & DAM is to make managing your site and digital properties easier. Although we can develop any type of CMS, DineEngine® constructs every website and web & mobile digital application with the Directus back-end content management system that allows you to become the administrator. After creating a CMS, your team can oversee which users are able to contribute content to your site. Your business team can help build blog content or upload imagery to enhance your brand’s presence. Overall, a CMS gives your team control to personalize your site’s content in a simple platform.


We Use the Directus Open Data Platform CMS

The Directus database allows for easy-to-manage omni-channel content of all types. It is completely open source, modular, and extensible, fully tailored for the requirements of any project.

As a platform, it is intuitive enough to make content & data accessible to everyone, while providing granular configuration and technical tool capabilities for advanced dynamic development, based on brand desire and need.

Directus is a simple solution for complex problems, and can power any data-driven project. Since Directus is a headless CMS, it can be built on top of your existing tech stack, offering an efficient and flexible way to manage all assets and content for every omni-channel digital experience.

Directus allows for easy digital asset management, aggregating all digital files in one place for improved organization, searchability, delivery, and integration with other datasets. Directus can leverage the IoT for any app or device, help manage operations, contribute to business intelligence, and provide data visualization.





A Great Content & Digital Asset Management Platform Delivers Better Brand & User Experience

We can tailor your CMS to bring your products, data and content closer together, quickly directing you to content sources you frequently use, creating a powerful asset and data management interface to build your digital brand experience.

We build your content management system by incorporating the functionality and feature sets your brand needs to gain a competitive edge. We prioritize your restaurants goals to produce a content & digital asset management platform that is easy to use, with powerful design tools, templates, and third-party data connector capabilities that produce scalable integrations.

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