Exceeding Expectations through Better Digital Experiences

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    About This White Paper

    Restaurants must exceed expectations through better digital experiences. It’s not enough for a restaurant to add technology solutions such as online ordering and self-service kiosks. Those solutions must work together to create a seamless, satisfying customer experience.

    As fast-casual restaurant brands incorporate channels such as online and mobile, self- service devices such as ordering kiosks, marketing tools such as digital signage and integration with social media, one of the challenges they face is to make those channels work together to convey a unified experience.

    But as many of those brands integrate “out of the box” solutions from a variety of vendors into their strategy, those solutions can end up appearing disconnected. In addition, a negative experience can end up turning off customers and result in lost sales.

    But it’s not enough to simply integrate the brand’s color scheme and logo into the various channels to make them look the same. If the user experience doesn’t live up to the expectations consumers have for the brand, the value opportunity will be lost.


    Creating Better Digital Experiences


    However, by working with a partner that can assist in providing custom-tailored technology solutions, brands can tie those solutions into better digital experiences that can maximize its message and reinforce its overall strategy to maximize profit.

    Restaurateurs who offer features such as online ordering, payment flexibility and customization tend to benefit from more frequent visits, higher check totals and better customer conversion and loyalty. And a unified omnichannel experience is likely to enhance those benefits.

    The true restaurants of the future will likely be the ones that engage people in a personalized way, even as interactions become more omnichannel.