Data Intelligence Metrics & Presentation Technology for Restaurants

Business intelligence enables better decisions, informed actions, and implementation of efficient processes for your restaurants. Advanced analytics and data measurement solutions provide insight into all facets of your operation, increasing market share & ROI.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Data

Data is the transformative heart of every brand. A business intelligence-driven foundation is imperative to make informed operational decisions. Data and the ability to glean insights from that data is now a fundamental priority to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Business intelligence provides actionable information for every operational touchpoint, including data preparation, analysis, visualization, reporting, and collaboration via the cloud or any digital device.

Brands adopting intelligence tools gain advantage by reducing time & effort required to acquire, integrate, distribute, review, and respond to new data.

DineEngine® leverages innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to create custom apps, integrations, and dashboards that make data relationships and purchasing interactions easier to understand, while providing source analysis to track KPIs related to performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer Tracking & Analytics for Restaurants

DineEngine® sets up custom analytics to track brand customer engagement and purchasing habits to understand how guests are interacting online.

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BI Ecosystem for Restaurants

We work with you to determine what business intelligence is important, what solutions are required, and in what format data should be delivered for maximum results.

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Restaurant AI-Enhanced Data Visualization

Augmented analytics employing embedded machine learning to gather, analyze, interpret & convey data. Visualization to automatically transform data into dashboard presentations.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards Critically Important for Restaurants

Interactive dashboards keep everyone on the team on the same playing field, showing at a glance what is working, and what needs help.  Dashboards provide a repository for all hourly, daily, weekly and monthly data used to make decisions. Dashboards enable processes from top to bottom. Having a finger on the pulse of the business is important for everyone.

Snapshot of Your Business

A custom dashboard is a visualization tool that answers every high-level question at a glance, providing an enterprise view of your business operations.


Purchasing & Expense Tracking

Track money spent while ordering brand supplies with a dashboard tailored to show margins and record totals for any expenses paid out to suppliers.

Effectiveness of Items & Specials

Solve the pervasive and elusive problems related to the popularity and profitability of specific e-commerce & ordering items with business intelligence dashboard insights.

Featured Restaurant: Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Takes Development to a Higher Level

Mellow Mushroom promotes an eclectic, art-filled aesthetic that makes serving up fresh, stone-baked pizzas to order fun and friendly.

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Mellow Mushroom logo

“DineEngine delivered the platform—and it looks beautiful.  Performance-wise, we see vast improvements.”

Anne Mejia

Mellow Mushroom