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Mobile Development for Restaurants
DineEngine provides comprehensive mobile application development solutions. iOS apps? Check. Android apps? We do those. Not yet sure what type of mobile app is best for you? No problem. Whether native or hybrid fits the bill, our team of experts can help you determine which technologies best suit your needs.


Your Mobile App Vision: Developed & Executed

We leverage mobile app best-practices from strategy to design to prototyping to development to user testing to launch and release in the app stores. You can rest assured DineEngine will work with you during the entire mobile journey, including support and the subsequent development of new functionality and features. So, what types of mobile development are available?

iOS Mobile App Development for Restaurants

We employ iOS mobile development technology that will enable app success in the marketplace. iOS apps offer the best user experience and interface for e-commerce, ordering, productivity, media, and socially driven applications. With so many Apple products being utilized today, we can get you into the App Store by ensuring your mobile app gets through the approval process.

Android Mobile App Development for Restaurants

We design and develop custom Android mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. DineEngine knows Android apps and utilizes best-in-class tools to get your app idea into the market. Android devices are the most widely used and offer end user interface for e-commerce, ordering, productivity, media and socially driven applications. All you need is your Google Developer’s license, and we can get an app deployed in hours.

Native Mobile App Development for Restaurants

Native mobile apps are developed exclusively for a single platform using a native-to-the-operating-system language. Native apps acquire all possible advantages of the device and the operating system’s features, leveraging direct access to the hardware of the devices. As a result, they render high performance and better user experience. However, native apps are expensive to develop, and to run the app on multiple platforms, it requires developing and maintain an app for each platform separately.

Hybrid & Cross-Platform Mobile App Development for Restaurants

Hybrid & cross-platform iOS/Android mobile apps are a blend solution that consists of both native and web solutions. Developers embed the code written with web development languages into a native app using plugins that allow developers to access the native features of platforms. Hybrid applications deploy on platforms and can download the same as a native app. Hybrid app development is more cost-effective than native apps. You can write the code once and use it for multiple platforms.

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Design & Development Services

user backed designs

DineEngine believes users decide the best outcomes.  We start with user inspired prototypes that win every time.

analytical driven

Measuring data and creating feedback loops create the best experiences. This is where DineEngine excels.

custom flows

Building user-backed interfaces for faster checkouts and bigger carts create better customer experiences.

API Development/Integration & App Store Submission

API Development & Integration for Restaurants

APIs can help make great mobile apps. Do you need custom third-party API connectivity for your app?  As a full-service shop, we can seamlessly integrate your desired vendors by leveraging their API, or build an API integration from scratch if need be.

App Store Submission for Restaurants

DineEngine can help you make the cut, ensuring your mobile app will be approved. We will help you submit your app under your developer license and assist to navigate you through the process of getting your app to market. App Store approval can be tough and confusing, but DineEngine can make sure your mobile app functionality passes the review process.


Bold, Iterative, Versatile Mobile Development

From iOS to Android to native to hybrid, we build your app right with high-powered mobile development. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android smartphone, we believe good development is a process. And when applied to a data-driven approach, provides consistently improving results. Iterative in nature, quality mobile applications often behave like living organisms: constantly adapting and changing.

No matter what type of mobile development you need, we will build your brand a great app experience that will inspire long-term customer engagement and loyalty.

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