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Our solutions & processes are built using the DineEngine “Pyramid of Innovation”. It contains five distinct modules, each specific to making early adoption easy. Each layer is required to produce innovative digital products.  This pyramid also defines a total and stable custom application that is built to satisfy user requirements that remain flexible over time, but also scales.

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Analytics & data measurement solutions to provide insight into all facets of your operation, increasing market share & ROI.

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Custom data connectors for vendor APIs to access digital touchpoints, providing  seamless integrations.

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IT infrastructure, server administration, security & compliance, customized to scale with your needs & fully backed by Oracle.

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Custom user experience development to create a better journey to checkout for web, mobile & kiosk, maximizing brand revenue.

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Internal operational efficiencies to expedite customer service and increase employee acquisition & retention to expand profit.

We Use Our Process to Build Your Digital Product the Right Way

Our solutions & processes don’t leave anything to chance. Our sprint cycle is used to plan, prototype, design and develop in an iterative fashion. We do this so that your digital app can be thoroughly tested for functionality, then exposed to users to gather feedback before marketplace release. This how we build the very best product for your brand.

The Anatomy of the Product Development Lifecycle

Our solutions and processes: Ever wonder what goes into building a great digital application? 

We use a series of iterations called Sprints that break down large projects into manageable chunks. Each Sprint focuses on set amounts of work that lead to a viable product according to client priorities.

Developing this way provides more flexibility, and allows easier (and less costly) adaptation to upgrades and outright changes in the application vision, functionality, and desired feature sets. 



To begin the process of creating your application, we first create a “true north” to develop a solid understanding of what your unique needs, wants, and expectations are. This stage is also marked with creating timelines, checklists, and deadlines for your project. Stakeholder input is crucial in this stage, as it sets the tone and vision for the entire project.



During the prototyping phase, we mock-up and layout your application for your review. This includes user interface items that allow your users to interact with your application, and user experience items that will ultimately bring your customers back to your site or app again and again. We may work on graphical and branding elements in this phase as well, including your logo, mobile icons, or illustrations.


Build & QA

The development stage is where all of the pieces of the puzzle are put together into a working product. We take what we discovered about your project’s needs, combine that with what you defined, and what was designed to create the custom application that you envision. During the build stage we will be fine-tuning the experience and implementing best practices for apps in order to provide an intuitive interface that keeps users engaged.



This is the stage in which the project is thoroughly examined, including debugging and browser testing to industry best-practice standards. This ensures that the product is of the utmost quality and value to you. Once we have completed this internal testing, you will be able to see the complete finished product. If the product we created passes your standards, we can commence sign off and deploy.



We care about your success and ability to gain the highest level of value from your product, so we stay with you to direct, support and train you on your project in case complications arise. After a support period expires, we will work with you to determine the need and breadth of an ongoing Service Agreement. Each agreement is catered to the specific project, to ensure that your support needs are met with minimal cost to you.



Once your product is complete and live, it’s time to measure results, gather feedback, and iterate based on user response.  At this time we may make performance tweaks in code or update a server’s configuration.  Post-launch tasks also include measuring traffic, performing bug fixes and additional testing to improve overall user experience.

Project Collaboration and Transparency

DineEngine® uses a state-of-the-art online project management suite to track the progress of tasks, bugs, events, milestones, and resources. All of our clients become part of our project team, allowing for full-scale discussion with forums and document upload areas.

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