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Loyalty & Rewards API Integrations for Restaurants
Your e-commerce ordering application showcases brand products, provides information, facilitates sales and processes transactions. It is also the personification of your restaurant, reflecting your identity, and as such, your app has a major opportunity to increase customer lifetime value by encouraging repeat visits and purchases over time. Custom loyalty & rewards API integrations can be achieved using data connectors to achieve fusion between third-party providers and your app to provide a seamless experience that will keep users coming back for more.
Loyalty & Rewards API Integrations for Restaurants
Loyalty Implementations Increase restaurant KPIs

Digital applications possessing integrated loyalty & rewards systems increase restaurants revenue. One of the biggest headaches for most brands is the ability to sustain a streamlined loyalty experience. In other words, create single-sign-on capability between the ordering and loyalty. With SSO, rewards can be issued and points applied without the user having to go to a different URL or site to process and apply their perks. This is where custom data connectors come into play. By leveraging the API of a loyalty provider, a symbiotic integration can be built so that loyalty functions with every other third-party vendor used in the app to create a truly seamless experience.


Why Should You Consider a Loyalty API Integration?

In addition to enhancing brand identity in the marketplace, loyalty & rewards systems capture user data which can be used for marketing, promotions, and a myriad number of other purposes. Brands offer an incentive in exchange for information, subsequently attaching data points to the user profile such as product preferences, browsing behaviors, and demographics.

This information is fed into brand marketing to increase conversions, optimize spend, and create special gifts and strategies to improve the customer journey. By completely integrating a loyalty & rewards provider through a custom data connector, brands can enjoy all the loyalty & rewards benefits offered through a streamlined digital app experience.

Making it easy for customers to access your loyalty & rewards system through your application only makes good sense. Loyalty program members generate 25% more revenue than non-members, and over time, returning users will spend 75% more than new ones. This is why your app must have the ability to leverage your loyalty provider API for SSO, to motivate signups, encourage loyalty program enrollment, offer incentives, and other rewards to encourage awareness and engagement to pump up check size and bring in more revenue.

Coupled with a business intelligence data connector, loyalty & rewards can be integrated with an interactive dashboard. By leveraging data visualization to create real-time representations of customer interaction, you can truly learn what’s working, and what isn’t to produce informed decisions leading to better command over resources that equates to higher ROI.





Loyalty & Rewards Data Connector Competitive Advantage

A custom loyalty & rewards data connector should not be viewed as an expense, rather, it should be seen as an investment. An API integration into your app will allow your brand to get much more out of your loyalty programs, and are key to driving engagement and success over time.

API integrations can be built for any third-party used by your application to promote digital ordering ease of use and convenience, and loyalty redemptions that generate a competitive advantage.

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