Celebrity Virtual Concepts Flourish
Virtual Dining Concepts
Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) provides restaurants solutions to generate more revenue from their existing kitchens. Brands profit through access to celebrity networks composed of millions of followers.

The Virtual Kitchen allows brands to use their in-house facilities to produce delivery-only products for a vast audience. This is in addition to whatever the restaurant is already providing = more income.

VDC came to DineEngine® to build the MrBeast experience. The mandate was to create a mobile and web app capable of handling a high ordering volume. Another priority was to integrate push notifications, in-app messaging, data collection, and analysis.

One Digital App To Rule Them All

We built the Virtual Dining Concepts MrBeast mobile and web app with expanded ordering functionality and features that result in faster checkouts, larger orders, and happier guests.

Integrated Omni-Channel Experience

Guests can order MrBeast burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries through any digital device. The menu is driven by enticing food imagery with quick selection and modification, producing a frictionless ordering experience, leading to higher check size.


"DineEngine built an app with a unique combination of digital technologies, integrated with their partners, that provides an exceptional ordering experience for MrBeast guests."
Jeff Myers, CEO | Chepri


MrBeast Has His Own Application
Unlike many virtual kitchens, MrBeast doesn't have to rely on third-party aggregators to configure the logistics of getting food to customers. The MrBeast app seamlessly uses Olo direct ordering, and One Signal for promotions management.
The Results: Tons More Smashed Beef Burgers & Fried Chicken Sandwiches

The new MrBeast app is easy — even fun to use, serving guests who demand flexibility when ordering for quick and convenient delivery.

Virtual Dining Concepts has the ability to self update the customer-facing front-end through a comprehensive CMS. Special assets can be introduced, and promotional content added to keep the MrBeast experience fresh and timely.

DineEngine successfully fulfilled VDC objectives, as MrBeast was the #1 downloaded app in the Apple Store, and has enjoyed 1.5 million smartphone installations thus far.

Within the first 30 days of launch, VDC saw a significant level of consumer engagement and rising order value. MrBeast is one of the fastest-growing virtual brands in the U.S., with over 1,200 restaurant locations, and is positioned to accelerate digital sales tenfold this year.

Exceeding VDC goals, we leveraged our industry expertise and deep Olo knowledge to develop a digital platform that provides an exceptional customer ordering experience that generates drastically increased ROI.

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