Spendgo App Development with Integrated Ordering

As a restaurant technology & integration partner, we work together with Spendgo to create innovative custom development and product solutions. Through building quality software together, we jointly profit from shared customers.

Loyalty Features

  • Gift card order flow (storefront)
  • Loyalty dashboard
  • Force guests to login to access locations
  • Apple login & Facebook login
  • View loyalty account activity
  • Redeem rewards online
  • Scan phone in store to earn points
  • Spend accumulated points on rewards
  • E-Gift Cards, Physical Gift Cards and check gift
    card balance.


• Call-a-server Wearable
• Self-Service Kiosk Hardware
• EMV Readers


• Flybuy & Radar Integration
• OneSignal for Push Notifications
• ezCater SSO
• DataCap Integration
• Delivery > UTM Links to 3rd Party
Platforms (Uber Eats & GrubHub)
• Google Maps/Open Street Maps

About Spendgo

It started out as a simple observation. Saving receipts sucks. Spendgo’s founder Ivan Matkovic searched to find a smarter way to keep track of spending soon evolved into a larger undertaking to create an overall better customer buying experience. Using early investments from his university professor, the sale of his roommate’s car and his personal funds, Ivan launched Spendgo in 2010 as a leader in customer loyalty marketing for small businesses and national brands.


We are a technology-focused company, but we’re creating a customer experience that is intuitive. We’re building our business sustainably through loyal and happy customers. Every single team member, data scientist or not, has a mission of delivering exceptional customer service at all times.

Loyalty Programs

Create a program unique to your business – visits, points, surprise & delight, pay with points, points banking, and more.

CRM & Messaging

Acquire, engage, and retain customers even without rewards. Implement Spendgo Single Sign On to create a single customer view and integrate all your touchpoints.

Customer Experience

Implement the digital customer experience you want such as kiosks, customer displays, mobile apps, mobile wallets, web portals, contactless table-side ordering or payments, and more.

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