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API Development for Restaurants
Whether your app needs an existing API integration built, or a completely new API built from scratch, DineEngine can help you achieve ultimate data connectivity. We can leverage custom API development to construct, mesh and join third-party APIs to expand functionality, and create better user-experiences.
API Development for Restaurants
What is API Development?

In essence, APIs help two independent systems communicate with each other through a programming interface. API software development has become increasingly popular with websites & applications needing third-party POS, e-commerce, ordering, loyalty, and payment integration connectivity.  In fact, all kinds of web, mobile, kiosk, and tableside apps are increasing their productivity with API development specifically designed to bridge information from one data source to another.


API Development, Integration & Implementation

Custom API Development

Usually custom API development is used in B2B applications, so one program can use the services of another specializing in a particular field. We can build a custom API integration or completely construct a new API from the ground up if need be.

If you are considering a custom API, we can help you with development required by third party applications to communicate and exchange digital information with your chosen app… and that’s just the beginning.

Custom API Integration

If you don’t need a custom API totally engineered, but need to mesh a third-party API into your application, Chepri can do that too. Our in-house technologists produce the highest-quality custom API integrations, providing a trusted, secure solution for your API application needs.

How Can Custom API Development Help Me?

APIs are extremely useful in expanding the functional capabilities of your digital application. This is achieved by insuring seamless third-party integration for users that increase operational efficiency and expand profit margins. As long as two vendors have an open API with endpoints that can be connected, brands can derive all the benefits offered by separate third party providers, integrated into one streamlined digital experience.

What Does That Mean?

It means if you have an e-commerce app that needs to leverage the Shopify API, we can build that integration for you, or completely develop a new functional API that will work with the two digital systems. Imagine any combination, whether it include point of sale, ordering, delivery, loyalty & rewards, payment, etc. We can build completely new APIs and integrate the APIs of third-party vendors to create a much more powerful application to expand marketplace competitive advantage while bringing in more revenue from satisfied app users.





Trust Your API Development to the Experts at Chepri

Using the digital information shared between applications, our technologists build APIs that communicate between all chosen platforms, and provides the best user experience.

The programming specialists at Chepri make it easy to take advantage of an API’s efficiency, and make it work for you. With custom API development, your brand’s product can use the services and data from other applications to integrate with your own software – and that’s just the beginning.

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