Internal Applications for Operations & HR

Workflow Technology to Increase Brand Efficiency & Profit   

Create better internal operational efficiencies and watch your margins grow. Make sure your employees & franchisees have workflow software to expedite customer service along with staff apps that foster acquisition & retention.

Innovative Back Office Digital Solutions Speed Productivity

Operational workflow software promotes guest experience and brand efficiency, time and resource management, data systems, staffing and internal training.  This augmentation produces expanded organizational margins.

Intelligence & Interoperability

Digital dashboards & tools for tracking operational expenses, checking orders, and managing inventory.  Compile & assess brand analytical & statistical data through interfaces that are clear, and easy to use for everyone.

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Custom Ordering Technology

Provide great customer experience with bespoke solutions such as guest-facing kiosks, mobile POS, capacity management, and order throttling. Focus on digital enhancements that make ordering easier and staff happier.

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Employee-Facing Applications

Employee-facing applications help staff provide exceptional customer service, achieving a better work experience by delivering a streamlined workflow to increase business efficiencies that expand profit margins.

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Innovative Workflow Software: An Investment Delivering Value 

 Profitable brands understand the importance of digital technologies that promote exceptional guest service, and software that taps workforce potential. This increases efficiency and streamlines operations to generate measurable profit expansion.


Kitchen display apps connect front & back of house with visible incoming order data.


Mobile POS

A handheld device replicating a standard POS that processes orders & transactions.



A private network used to distribute communications to your workforce.


Business Intelligence

Data measurement insight to track all operations via an interactive dashboard.

Employee Retention

Career boards, job portals, rewards & perks, and custom staff apps to retain employees.


Employee Portals

Brand platform that approved stakeholders use to gain access to all company resources.

Punch Pizza

New Bespoke App Heats Up Punch Neapolitan Pizza

As customer demand increase significantly, Punch realized they needed to move to a bespoke solution in order to implement specialized functionality and feature sets required to provide the best guest experience.

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Punch Pizza logo

“The custom capacity management feature DineEngine built for us is helping customers feel safe by limiting overflow traffic at pickup times. We now have more business than we can handle.”

John Puckett

Punch Pizza