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Server Administration for Restaurants
DineEngine will manage the performance of your server by updating infrastructure, configuring environments & architecting systems for data operations. We take care of it all, with a focus on efficiency, security and support. With our knowledge of server administration for restaurant brands, we can make sure you're up and running 24/7.


Server Administration Services

Let DineEngine handle all of your server administration needs. We have a variety of Oracle-backed cloud options to choose from, each one customized to fit your business requirements.

Managed Cloud solutions deliver the agility to grow, and flexibility to leverage IT architecture innovations for competitive advantage.

Database Administration Services, MySQL & Oracle DB

Virtualization Administration and Software-as-a-Service

Nationwide Datacenter Region Access

Custom Software Service Level Agreements

16+ Years

of Experience

Performant Backbone

Faster is better with DineEngine Cloud.  With the powerful combination of Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service and DineEngine’s expertise, your application will run at peak performance.

Security Driven

Security takes priority whether it’s a Web Application Firewall (WAF) set-up or site level security with SSL certificates, DineEngine is here to protect your app from DDOS attacks. 

Economical Delivery

Cost effective cloud services at scale to provide your brand with a cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the costs associated with doing business online, even better than AWS.


As your software as a service (SaaS) provider, DineEngine also manages your brand infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud stacks with Oracle backing.

This includes your operating system virtualization, servers, storage, networking, and data center. In addition, we handle the configuration & maintenance of your software at the operating system layer and above, including middleware, runtime environments, data, and application software.

Our team is able to remotely handle all of your server’s technical issues. By choosing DineEngine, you can focus on your core brand’s business, and trust that any cloud infrastructure concerns you may have will be handled by our team of technologists.


We Manage the Performance of Your Server So You Don't Have To

DineEngine uses Oracle Cloud infrastructure for its advantages in efficiency, scalability, reliability, superior cloud security, and reasonable pricing. DineEngine will monitor your server performance and make sure capacity is always available to meet the needs of your operations and users.

Cloudflare DNS

Default implementation of Cloudflare DNS across all of our domains and zones, SSL & WAF protected.

Database Services

MySQL and Oracle DB, serve as best-in-class data storage for even the largest brands.

Nginx Administration

Reverse proxy and performance tuning to maximize traffic in a secure and redundant way.

Virtualization Set-up

Virtual machines are the life blood of the cloud, we can set-up VMs for VMWare or ProxmoxCE.

Linux Administration

Open source operating systems keep costs low while maximizing performance.

Node Setup & Tuning

With PM2 and Node based applications we certify efficient and performant applications.

Get Started with DineEngine.

Get your project done the right way every time. A DineEngine Technologist will reach out to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.  Now that’s service.

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