Punchh's acquisition tools give brands the ability to connect with any customer and deliver engagements that convert.

Punchh Integration


Punchh provides digital marketing products for restaurants, and their marketing cloud features AI and machine learning technologies, mobile-first expertise, and omni-channel communications designed to increase lifetime customer value. DineEngine® leverages the Punchh API to build seamless integrations enhancing guest experience.


Engage customers, predict behaviors, and increase sales with the Punchh marketing cloud, converting anyone into an acquired customer while increasing the lifetime value of customers through loyalty.


Punchh's acquisition tools give brands the ability to connect with any customer across any channel, delivering personalized engagements converting casual guests into loyalists and advocates.


Punchh's loyalty tools enable brands to execute compelling campaigns and programs that allow them to systematically drive the value of every customer while delivering seamless guest experience.


Engage customers anytime, anywhere, anyhow, gathering insights on visits, spend, and purchases, increasing lifetime value by turning insights into personal, lasting and profitable relationships.


Digital technologies have reshaped the expectations of consumers, who are demanding superior omni-channel experiences in exchange for their loyalty. Punchh delivers a best-in-class marketing cloud that helps restaurants transform digital challenges into winning opportunities. [email protected] can leverage the Punchh API to customize loyalty & rewards and marketing data integrations to strengthen guest relationships, delivering greater results for restaurants.

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