Experiences designed to make guests happier

From mobile app to kiosk UI/UX, DineEngine® provides the ultimate digital guest experiences for online ordering, loyalty, rewards, and in-store.

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Customer-facing apps with cohesive digital experiences.

DineEngine® develops highly engaging user-experiences that encourage checkout, customer engagement, and provide unique brand experiences. Be on-brand at all times.

DineEngine fully integrates your point of sale, online ordering, rewards and loyalty systems, and any other customer touchpoint, seamlessly across all channels with our innovative integration platform.

The Happier Customer Solution

Port of Subs Kiosk

Easier and seamless checkout flows to get customers through ordering faster.


Add loyalty to your next implementation, so customers order more and often.


Custom algorithms to maximum order size during and after the ordering process.

Bigger orders. Faster checkouts. Happier customers.Give your customers what they want.

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