Why Your Customers Aren’t Using Your Mobile Ordering Options

Posted on August 3rd, 2018 by Breck Hapner

So you’ve launched a mobile ordering option for your customers, but they don’t seem to be using it as much as you’d anticipated. A restaurant’s mobile app development should make the online ordering for independent restaurants process more convenient and improve the customer experience. There are several reasons why your customers might not be using your app, and once you pinpoint what those reasons are you can make the necessary adjustments.

Ease Of Use

For a restaurant app to be successful it should be easy to navigate. The user experience (UX) development should be clean and uncluttered. The menu should be broken up by category – appetizers, entrées, desserts, etc. You should offer the ability to easily order more than one of an item. Checkout should be seamless and offer customers the ability to include a tip. And your contact information should also be included and easy to find.

Customization Options

One of the most popular features of restaurant mobile apps is the ability to customize menu items. For example, the app for a pizza shop should allow customers to select what they’d like on each half of their pizza. And if there are items that cost extra, those prices should be clear and not come as a surprise during checkout.

Ability To Schedule A Pick-Up Time

Customers appreciate the option to place an online order for a future time. For example, they can place their lunch or dinner order in the morning and know it will be ready and waiting for them. If you don’t offer this option, that could be one reason why your customers aren’t using your app. 

Delivery Options

Delivery integrations for restaurants are also important. Customers enjoy the ability to place a delivery order for a future time. Your delivery fee, if you have one, should be clearly noted

Stored Information

One thing that makes mobile ordering convenient is the storage of customers’ information. They shouldn’t have to enter their information each time they open the app. They should have the option to save their name, delivery address or addresses and forms of payment. 

Option To Split The Bill

And on that note, customers also appreciate the option to split the bill. Apps like PayPal and Venmo allow people to transfer money to one another, but offering the option to split up a bill within your mobile application will make it especially convenient to use – and can even increase your sales.

Push Notifications

A good mobile ordering app should have push notifications. The notifications should alert customers that their order has been received and what time it will be ready for pick-up or delivered. However, be sure that your app also allows customers to choose whether or not they want to receive push notifications.


If your restaurant has multiple locations, your app should make it clear to customers which location they are ordering from. Selecting the wrong location is one of the most frequent mistakes that customers make when using mobile ordering apps. You should also include the ability for customers to enter their address, or at least zip code, in order to find the location that is closest to them.

Coupons And Rewards

Mobile restaurant apps do well when they include the option for customers to use coupons and rewards. Through push and in-app notifications these apps can also serve as a means of communicating current promotions to your customers.

Is Your Mobile Ordering Option Up To Par? 

If you’re interested in mobile app development for your restaurant or want to improve your existing one with custom Olo mobile applications for iOS and Android, the team at DineEngine® can help you create something easy-to-use – an application that will entice customers and increase your profits. We take customer feedback into consideration when deciding what features we build into mobile applications. Tell us about your goals and your customers’ preferences and we can begin designing your ideal mobile ordering option.