Why Consistency Across Digital Platforms Is Crucial To Your Success

Posted on March 2nd, 2018 by Breck Hapner

For your business to thrive and continue to do so in the long-term, it is important to invest in technology services for restaurants. In addition to cloud server management for restaurants, API integrations and delivery integrations for restaurants are also important. As an owner, that means web design and web development offering your customers such conveniences as mobile app development and self-service kiosks.

And your success in delivering a digital experience lies largely in ensuring consistency across all of those platforms. Well-designed and cohesive user experience (UX) for restaurants provides features and ease of use in each of your platforms that can and will translate into increased success for your restaurant. But just why is it so important?

It Distinguishes Your Business

Maintaining consistency across your platforms will distinguish your restaurant from others. Your website, mobile app development and self-serve kiosks should feature the same or strongly similar design elements, from your logo to the fonts you use to how the menu is navigated. It should reflect your brand and in-store experience.

If your restaurant is modern or more casual, consider light colors and making good use of clean space. If your restaurant is more high-end or formal, the color scheme and design should reflect that and you should avoid things like “sing-songy,” conversational text and exclamation points. When a customer visits your website or uses your mobile app they should immediately associate it with the experience of being in your restaurant. Your digital experience is an extension of the service you strive to deliver in-store.

It Builds Loyalty In Your Customers

Customers who know they can rely on your website, mobile app and kiosks to work consistently and in a similar manner will be more likely to become loyal patrons. For example, if you offer the option to place delivery orders on your mobile app but not on your website, a customer might be less likely to place an order if he or she is, say, at work and wants to place a quick online order on his or her computer at the end of the day.

Your platforms should also store customers’ information or allow for easy log-in so they don’t have to re-enter it every time. If they know they can easily access their information they will be more likely to engage in online ordering, visiting your restaurant versus someone else’s. Customer loyalty & rewards integfration is essential to your success because it not only builds a consistent stream of business, but happy customers make for excellent source of “word of mouth” advertising.

It Streamlines Your Business 

Consistency across your platforms isn’t only important to customers and building. It is key to streamlining your operations. Your restaurant’s digital experience is as much about you as it is about your customers. Ensuring that your platforms are cohesive and up-to-date will help you track things customer activity and your inventory and it can help improve – or even perfect – order accuracy and speed.

These technologies will provide you with a wealth of data that will help you run your restaurant more efficiently, which in turn can lead to new and repeat customers and increased sales. The key is to listen to your customers’ feedback and to keep your finger on the pulse of new technology. And when you implement upgrades, it is imperative that you do so across all platforms and ensure that they have been fully tested and perfected before launching them.

Ensuring Consistency Across Your Platforms

Whatever platforms you are currently using or plan to use in the future, they should be a reflection of your restaurant and the excellent customer service you provide. And DineEngine® can help you deliver a consistent and one-of-a-kind digital experience by tapping into the data provided by dashboards & business intelligence for restaurants. We pride ourselves in listening to customers’ feedback when designing restaurant websites, mobile apps and kiosks, leading to bigger orders and faster checkouts. We’ll also give you the tools you need to manage your business as efficiently as possible. 

Tell what you want to offer your customers and we’ll create a consistent digital experience that will leave them hungry for more.