The Surprising Benefits Of Putting An Interactive Menu Online

Posted on November 3rd, 2017 by Breck Hapner

Many restaurants already have invested in robust mobile app development, web development and even self-service kiosks. These digital advancements make engaging with your business more convenient and, when executed well, can increase your profits. Technology services for restaurants is one that is ever-evolving – and rapidly. So what’s next on the horizon for the digital restaurant experience?

The answer is interactive menus, and many restaurants have already rolled them out. Interactive menus might include such features as the ability to hover over a menu item and see a high-resolution image, a detailed description, the price and/or even nutrition information pop up. And aside from being visually appealing, there are several benefits to adding an interactive menu to your restaurant’s website, especially if you are using custom Qu API and UX development and custom Olo API and UX development.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand . . . Dollars?

Adding quality, high-resolution images of your menu items to your interactive menu quite literally gives your customers a clear image of what they’ll be ordering. For example, if you offer multiple types of hamburgers, they can see exactly what each option looks like and better decide which one they’d like to order. They might even be inclined to purchase higher-priced items or be tempted to order items they hadn’t planned on, such as a mouthwatering dessert or over-the-top cocktail – all of which results in increased sales for you. 

Stand Out In The Crowd

By completing best-practice web design for restaurants and web development for restaurants, you create a digital place where you can set yourself apart from your competitors – and an interactive menu will help you toward that end. Beautiful images of your offerings combined with well-written descriptions, including details about what makes your menu special, will help your restaurant stand out in the crowd and lure customers through your doors.

Drink Up!

If you have an extensive drink menu or distinctive wine list, and interactive menu allows customers to explore your offerings at length – something that is especially appealing to discriminating consumers. An interactive drink menu gives you the ability to do things like note a cocktail’s ingredients, the provenance and ABV of various beers and even the calories in each beverage. An interactive wine list lets you include all of the essential information about a given bottle, including the varietal, region, year and – perhaps most important – which items on your menu it would pair well with. 

More Content Without More Clutter

Interactive menus let you keep your website clear and concise while also adding in additional content – no clutter required. Customers can see your simple list of menu items but then hover over or click on those items for images and more information. Drop-down menus also keep your website clean and easy on the eyes and are perfect for features like customization options.

The “Sold Out” Solution

One of the greatest benefits of interactive restaurant menus is that you can update them in real time. If you run out of a menu item, you can make note of it online so your customers are immediately made aware. Doing so can reduce customer dissatisfaction while also affording you the opportunity to upsell a different menu item. You can also specify when certain menu items are available. For example, you can highlight what hours your brunch menu is served and “turn off” that section of the menu during the days and hours when it is not available. Some reputable partners include Olo and Qu

Is An Online Interactive Menu Right For Your Restaurant?

If you’re interested in creating an interactive online menu or want to optimize your existing one, the team at DineEngine® can help you realize your vision. We listen to customer feedback when working on your restaurant’s digital experience, including your website, mobile application and, if you offer the option, self-service kiosks. We’re eager to hear about your digital goals so we can help your customers have the best possible experience – both online and in person.