Creative Website Ideas That Increase In-Store Diners

Posted on May 2nd, 2018 by Breck Hapner

When used right, your web design and web development can be a powerful tool for attracting new customers.

But many restaurants are guilty of incorporating sophisticated scripts, animations and apps that slow down their website and make it hard for mobile users to use or view it — these are things you should avoid.

If you’re looking for creative ideas to implement, then it’s important to keep your website simple wirh great user experience (UX) development, and make the value proposition obvious. If it’s effortless for your customers to claim your offers, there’s a better chance they will take advantage.

So, here are several unique ideas you can use to increase in-store diners.

Offer Coupons/Gift Cards Your Customers Can Print Off & Claim In-Store

Using loyalty & rewards integration, restaurants often have weekly beverage and food specials their regulars love to take advantage of.

But why not create a weekly or monthly website-only promotion that only your visitors can claim? Rewarding your website visitors is a great way to encourage them to pay a visit to your restaurant and potentially return.

If you prefer, you could offer the coupon in exchange for their email. That way, you will have them on your email list and be able to interact with them on an ongoing basis. You could then notify them of when you have something new to offer and quickly turn them into return customers.

After all, the best kind of customer is one that spends more money with you over time. So, if you have a strategy that helps you increase the value of each customer that walks through your doors, you will reap the benefits.

Create An Events Schedule

You need to give your customers a reason to come in to your restaurant time and again. They will not return on a regular basis without a good reason.

Food and beverage are a good place to start. If you have menu items your diners love, they will come back.

But that may not be enough. Consider adding an events schedule to your website and bringing in entertainers – especially musicians – to bolster traffic. The right type of music can be a great complement to your restaurant’s atmosphere and cause your patrons to enjoy themselves more.

You could also look at holding seasonal parties, cooking classes, paint nights and other events to bring more people into your restaurant. Feel free to get creative here and try a few different things. This should lead to added exposure.

Allow Customers To Reserve Tables & Place Orders On Your Website

Online ordering for independent restaurants is nothing new, and there are many mobile apps that allow customers to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants too.

But if you can use API integration with your website, it could end up boosting traffic. If you give your patrons the ability to place an order and arrive at your restaurant when their food is ready, you can make your restaurant more appealing to busy, on-the-go people. It gives people a reason to visit your website too.

There may be customers who love to dine at your restaurant, but simply can’t because of time constraints. This would be a way to help them out and to encourage them to come down anyway.

Final Thoughts

Your website is the central hub on the web. So, it should include all the vital information – address, map, phone number, email and the like. Your customers should be able to see what your restaurant looks like, so attractive photography is also key. You should also have descriptive text that explains what your place of business is all about.

With all the core components in place, it’s mostly a matter of creating enticing offers that matter to your customer. You may try a few things that don’t work and that’s perfectly fine. Be willing to test a few things to see what your customers respond to. Keep what works and discard what doesn’t.

Should A Website Be Part Of Your Brand's Customer Experience?

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