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YEXT Integration


Smart devices, voice assistants, and AI are changing the way people make dining decisions. Consumers search for food more than any other business category, so you need to make sure you r restaurant shows up no matter where, when, or how they're searching. DineEngine® can leverage the Yext API, integrating to seamless provide restaurant data across all channels with our unique and innovative front-end customer experience platform.


Yext cleans up the knowledge about your restaurant across all your internal data sources, keeping it consistent within your business, so you can be confident in the information provided to customers.


Yext makes it possible to update your menus once and publish it everywhere you desire in a single click via integrations with more than 100 global maps, apps, search engines, directories and social networks.


Yext listings gives you the ability to engage customers across the diverse services on which your brand appears, and to manage your brand content everywhere, ensuring a connected guest experience.


Yext pages provide scalable  search result solutions to ensure that your information is available to consumers across the search ecosystem, and that it's always accurate, consistent, and actionable.


Yext for food puts you in control of the public facts about your restaurant brand, everywhere people are searching, by serving hungry consumers the information they crave, so they can find their way to your  store location, website, or app. DineEngine® can leverage the Yext API to pull data used in a seamless front-end web app providing a consistent, enjoyable online ordering and delivery experience for customers.

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