Real Time Ordering

RTO is a technology company with online ordering solutions that cater to restaurants individual needs.

Real Time Ordering Integration


Today's restaurant consumer expects to find your menu online and accessible through computers, smartphones and tablets. Real Time Ordering manages menus and provides online ordering with their platform. DineEngine® can integrate with the Real Time Ordering API seamlessly across all channels, delivering a frictionless digital experience via custom web UX, mobile and kiosk app development for restaurant brands, chains and franchisors.


Integrates with your website, online credit card payments sent to your bank, orders sent by fax, ticket printer, email and POS. Unlimited orders and charges for a monthly fee. Admin access for reporting.


Online ordering payment management requires a separate ecommerce account. Real Time Ordering integrates with many leading payment systems, including Heartland, Mercury and


Real Time Ordering uses three-layer integration technology with leading restaurant POS solutions, customizing the interface to meet restaurant needs and specifications related to your system.


Real Time Ordering provides admin tools allowing management and review of statistics through reporting download. The DineEngine® back-office can integrate ordering, processing and data management.


Real Time Ordering builds intuitive menus which move customers from shopping to buying with a flexible online ordering platform, leveraging pop-ups for upsells and cross-sells to drive higher ticket averages. DineEngine® can leverage the Real Time Ordering API to fully integrate point of sale, online ordering, rewards and loyalty, and any other customer touchpoint to provide seamless multi-channel mobile, web, and kiosk applications.

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