Qu offers restaurateurs and multi-unit operators the technology platform for today's restaurant marketplace.

Qu Integration


Qu goes beyond traditional POS technology by focusing on fast casual and quick service restaurants. Leveraging an API-first approach, and a core suite of omni-channel ordering solutions, Qu delivers an enterprise-scale, cloud-based POS solution that flexible and easy to use. DineEngine® builds custom Qu API POS functionality, and develops upgraded online ordering feature sets and flows for a better customer experience.


With a modern, gesture-based, conversational ordering design, Qu increases order accuracy and guest throughput. From order-taking to digital order processing to delivery, Qu is fast for you.


From sales to loyalty to labor and schedules, Qu is the hub for all your operations. By delivering on the promise of a single source of truth, sophisticated analytics, and guidance, Qu moves you forward.


Qu's omni-channel ordering platform enables order taking anywhere, while our API-first architecture enables integrations to provide the capability to leverage technology. Qu keeps you flexible.


Qu is focused on fast casual and quick service restaurants only. We don't do retail, bars, cruise lines, fine dining, nightclubs, or casinos. Focus drives excellence, and Qu is focused on you.


Punchh offers a centralized hub that lets you manage your business at the touch of a button, and an API-first architecture that facilitates DineEngine® integrations, offering technology solutions increasing your restaurant's ROI by developing custom updates to the Qu platform specific to your business needs.

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