receives orders through their website, mobile apps, or your own custom website or mobile app. Integration

ABOUT THIS PARTNER lets people order online from local restaurants, wine and spirits shops, grocery stores, and laundry & dry cleaning providers, DineEngine® can leverage the API to send orders to an integrated back-office built on top of a custom web app experience capable of improving guest interaction.


With no set-up fee, merchants can boost business because of partnerships with Google, Yelp, and DineEngine®, paying only for the online orders sent.


Find favorites and discover new ones browsing thousands of restaurants and stores to get the best of your neighborhood delivered.


DineEngine® can leverage the API to create an online ordering experience that improves efficiency and increases revenue.


Earn delivery points with every purchase and cash them in for free credit, leveraging DineEngine's® loyality & rewards API integration.


Every day more than one million customers explore their communities and order from more than 10,000 local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go. DineEngine® can leverage the API to unify your restaurant POS, online ordering, delivery, loyalty and rewards platforms into a seamless customer experience.

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