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Facial and Voice Recognition

Use facial recognition to serve up better menu options or use voice with in-home devices for on-line ordering.

Mood Recognition

Give choices to customers based on their mood and create product offerings based on how customers feel.

Chatbots and AI

Provide top notch customer service with chatbots that understand customers needs in real-time.

IoT and Smart Kiosks

Create in-store and experiential experiences that can be centrally managed and that collect data.

Or anything else you can imagine...

Leverage small, non-invasive drone technology to count empty tables, or seat customers.

Olo Integration
Doordash Integration
LevelUp Integration
Aloho Integration
Stripe Integration
Gusto Integration
Punchh Integration
Fishbowl Integration
Omnivore API Integration
Onosys Integration
Zivelo Kiosk Integration
Paytronix Integration
Partech Integration
Toast Integration
Tillster Integration
RTO Integration
Zuppler Integration
Chowly Integration
Lilitab Integration

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