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We have been developing custom mobile and web applications for 10+ years for start-ups, Fortune 500, and hospitality brands, like Red Roof Inns, Girl Scouts of America.

We have over 5 years of UX development for OLO customers, and are an OLO UX Partner. We have integrated APIs for many 3rd party loyalty providers, like Punchh or Paytronix and have also worked with all CMS' on the market.

We use a hybrid waterfall/agile approach, leveraging Sprints every 2 to 4 weeks for review and release and follow the Scrum methodologies.

Again, since we use Agile development techniques, all features or user-stories are back-logged and prioritized for current and future releases. While using these techniques in this manner gives us maximized agility for changes and updates. We will estimate effort specific to these updates and provide those to you the customer.

All of our projects can leverage DineEngineCMS to manage menu item, ingredient, category digital assets using a "synching" mechanism when menu items are added or changed. This is usually handled by the menu item product name end-point. Any gaps in an API can be handled by our DineEngineCMS.

We have familiarity with all social APIs, and can add favoriting to the application and can provide sharing of orders.

To begin the process of creating your application, we first create a vision for your project to develop a solid understanding of what your unique needs, wants, and expectations are. This stage is also marked with creating timelines, checklists, and deadlines for your project. The client input is crucial in this stage, as it sets the tone and vision for the entire project. We build user-stories, which equate to a specific feature and user requirements, specifically based on user feedback.

In this stage, user-stories are then put into perspective by creating compositions and plans that will foreshadow your end goal. This is done by creating an initial wireframe structure for the page, building mood boards, and ultimately creating conceptual designs of your project. During this stage we must gather or create any documents, imagery, logos, media, or user accounts that we will be using in the creation of your product.

DineEngine can help choose, configure and modify the appropriate point-of-sale (POS), rewards & loyalty and other client specific e-commerce services, like Olo, Gusto, Punchh, Paytronix, LevelUp, and other 3rd party restaurant API services.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server®, MongoDB, Microsoft Access® as well as many others. Just ask.

Get from checking out, storefronts, menu management to order management APIs, PCI compliant web servers to site-level encryption: Stripe, PayPal API, Apple Pay, Google Wallet,, SSL Certificates, and many other payment gateways and solutions.

We would always suggest an annual Master Service Agreement with a minimum allocation of 16 to 24 hours per month. We will provide 90 days complimentary support post-launch for any bugs/issues related to the finished product.

We are familiar with most all cloud based platforms, like Azure and are AWS Channel Reseller Partners as well as manage our own cloud infrastructure.

All menu management is handled on the ordering/POS API side. Since third party vendors are only allowed access to the Sandbox menu, most menu management is handled by the client.

With an on-going MSA we can handle all 3rd party communications to handle communications. We offer online ticketing support as well as SLA around our servers. However we can not offer SLA specific to 3rd party systems, but can provide monitoring services.

Both of our Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, FL locations provide application and server support. We have dedicated support personnel as well as developer support

We offer 24x7 support for our managed servers, however per an MSA we can offer application support for custom development, if necessary.

Through our ticketing system we escalate through our application support engineers, typically a developer is available same day or within 24 hours. Dedicated support can be part of an on-going MSA if necessary.


Typically we are 24-48 at a maximum on all support related issues specific to application bugs found in production and 1-2 hour responses on server support.

Yes, you would get a dedicated account manager and would be responsible for the customer relationship before, during and after the project. Our account manager(s) would typically responsible for only 3-5 customers at one given time.


We use New Relic for application monitoring and MONIT for servers we manage. We subscribe to all 3rd party status monitoring, like OLO.

We can manage DineEngineCMS for you if you choose through our MSA on an on-going basis is you so choose, manage yourself or via a support agreement allocating a specific amount of hours per month of changes.

Technical documentation regarding your project can be available and part of scope. Each project is unique to our clients' needs. But, can be provided in any format necessary.


This stage marks finalization of the project by both you and us. By this time, we will have found the product to be of the best standards and quality possible. The app is launched and brought to your users. Depending on the needs of the project, the servers are turned on, apps are submitted to the app store, or the web application is sent to the client’s final repository.

Web hosting is a common need for most of our clients, as we not only set-up and deploy to servers that are compliant, but they are also scalable and flexible. Our partners include Rackspace, Amazon AWS, Azure, & Linode. Dependent on the specific needs of the project we have a server solution for you: Business Shared Hosting (Small, Brochure Sites, E-mail), Cloud Servers (Scalable, Web Applications, APIs, SaaS Apps), PCI & HIPAA Compliant Servers (E-commerce, High Security).

The goals of our first sprint would be to focus on a clickable prototype, which flows match with your business rules. The UX is developed from wireframes, mock-ups and delivered in a final prototype before development/build begins. Back-end analytics can be a combination of Google Analytics (or other analytics provider). Any analytical metric would be discussed as well as where these data points would be stored.

All of our products can be designed and developed for ADA as we have also have a relationship with the American Association of the Blind. We will run audit checks using various tools to ascertain compliance during and after the project for WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance.

Catering can be separated into its own category with product customizations. Catering can have its own UX flow.

During the design phase, we mockup and layout your application for your review. This includes user-interface items that allow your users to interact with your application, and user experience items that will ultimately bring your customers back to your site or app again and again. We may create high or low fidelity presentational prototypes, during this stage, to get user feedback and aid in making decisions quickly. We may also work on graphical and branding elements in this phase as well, including your logo, mobile icon or illustrations. These items are then recycled for the development process.

Our staff pride themselves on their knowledge of Open Source content (CMS) and digital asset (DAM) management systems, from base installs to complex customizations. The following are just a few content management systems which Chepri are masters in: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, DotNetNuke, Directus, KeystoneJS, Sitefinity, Sitecore, and LocomotiveCMS.

Based on client business rules, on-line ordering capabilities, custom up-sells are approached algorithmically during and after the menu item customization process. We will work with you to produce a flow that will focus on this deliverable.

We utilize the Angular/Ionic framework for our all of our API integrations. This provides "mobile" capability "out-of-the-box" and is preferable for porting to a native mobile app. We will deliver a mobile experience prototype along side of a browser based experience prototype.

We leverage best-in-class SDLC practices by developing a release schedule with version control and push updates to our products using DevOps deployment techniques via Gitlab's DevOps Pipeline and once a group of features is ready for release a new build is deployed to target servers.

All of our employees are involved in UAT or "hallway" testing before we release any build to our servers, where we leverage continuous integration and unit testing. QA are handled by both QA engineers and well as the original UI/UX designers involved in the project for quality purposes. All bugs are logged in our project management tool and are marked for review for our development team.

We will leverage all available tools regarding testing vendor APIs and connectivity set-up with those vendors. With our MSA we can also monitor status of any connectivity to 3rd party APIs.

Yes, we have handled the OLO API for time slotting. Custom messaging regarding "unavailability" can be accomplished.

Yes. We can leverage any calorie endpoint to calculate total calories by ingredient if necessary or create an endpoint with DineEngineCMS.

Ingredient statements can be produced as a content type in DineEngineCMS and published anywhere in the experience as a PDF or a HTML document.

Most ordering APIs have its own upselling cart based option, however upsells can be specific to the client's business rules. As we have built several different types of upsell algorithms, which typically can even be a "hidden" category to upsell sides or bundled products, like a configurable Combo and programmed in the UX.

We have built based on allergies and taste preference filters by mood, taste, specials and special offers.

The development stage is where we execute your vision into a working product. We take what we discovered about your users and their personas, prioritized user stories, and combine that with your overall business model to begin coding the application. We focus our efforts on the Sprint Backlog and may even pull features from the Product Backlog as we move forward to get the Minimally Viable Product to your end-users quickly. Your code is yours and will be stored in our local Git repository behind our firewall.

We experts in many full-stack programming languages, server-side set-up and configuration for the following programming languages and frameworks: PHP, Ruby on Rails, C++, iOS: Swift, Objective-C, Android: Java, .NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ExtJS, Angular/Ionic & React Native.

Our support system leverages a ticketing system for incidents at or you may email us at [email protected] which opens a ticket for you. We also leverage monitoring tools to automate incidents and server outages.

Most customer activity can be leveraged using the Intercom application, Hotjar, and Google Tag Manager or any other 3rd party platform to discern customer issues and deeper level logging if required. We also would provide a customer feedback option at the end of the experience to gather user experience if required, including issues with the experience.

Any custom ordering tracking UX is customized to our clients' requirements based on what the OLO API requires for pick-up and delivery.

DineEngine can create custom reports, dashboards, of any data endpoint available to us across the business.


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